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For opera with [for] the plants we collaborate and are able to tour with: contemporary-classical ex-treme vocalist Olga Vlasova (Ru), dancer and actress Sasha Vetrova (Ru), performer and artist Lesha Larin (Ru), video-artist and performer Hyun Su Jung (DK).

Kapitolina Tcvetkova-Plotnikova

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In the further past - clown, actress, trained as musician, graduated opera directing in St.Petersburg Conservatory, later studied set design and fine arts in EPSAA (Paris) and HEAR (Strasbourg).From 2012 develops individual language staging operas and transdisciplinary performances as director, set designer and video-artist, experimenting with genres, spaces, pushing conventional frames. Collaborating with neurologists, perfumers, geologists and other specialists in various spheres creates cross-disciplinary projects, mixing sculpture, performing arts, poetry, film, dance, circus, painting and other mediums.

Arnaud Zhao

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Arno Zhao is a french-chinese artist and videographer specialized in performing arts. Set designer, screenwriter, arranger, photographer, he resumes himself as a sculptor of points of view. His works are each the meticulous research of an aesthetic and dramaturgical gesture. Convinced that contemporary Art and Theatre are the same mechanism, he investigates the technic of video, a contemporary theatrical tool.

Jean-David Merhi

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A Franco/Lebanese composer and harpsichordist. Graduated electro-acoustic composition from Ber-trand Dubedout (Toulouse ), “creation and electro-acoustic interpretation” in HEAR (Strasbourg).He experiments, in particular, the different relationships of art-forms (Dance, Theatre, Plastic and visual arts, etc.). As improviser and performer, he is specialised on musical programming and electronics and known to create musical electronic “Wesh” instruments that he uses live.

Gabriel Jeanjean

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Gabriel Jeanjean a visual artist and curator, who lives and works between Saarbrücken (de) and Strasbourg (fr). Its practice is focused onto digital art and generative video, painting and installation. Surveying the border between tales and techniques, morphing time, shapeshifting, listening to non-humans and upcycling mediums.

Special thanks to Justine Tschaeglé, Simon Jerez, Anya Orlova, Emma Filipowskyste !
As well as Pâcome Orzi, Simon Fath, Etienne Stu Kalebdjian, Pierre-Louis Penny, Ekaterina Vasileva, Maria Frantseva, Alexandr Kursov.

We would be pleased to participate to some events, for inquiries, please contact us by mail at : contact@plant-opera.com


Press and reviews:Plant opera was highlighted by major newspapers and magazines editions like “VEDOMOSTI” and “ The Art Newspaper”, “Snob” as well as reviewed by numerous theater and art critics, writing about it:


This work is being supported by the festival "Archstoyania", the "Cooperation Lab", the region "Grand-Est", the "Kalt".