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WWW plant-opera vernissage at KALT

The plant opera is a two-part (Opera of plants / Plants’ opera), interdisciplinary science-art project (science opera) addressing the relationship between humans and the plant world. Bringing up the tragedy of the phenomenon “lost in translation”, plant consciousness, bioethics and biocentrism.
This project is being created within the framework of the coOPERAtion festival by an international team with a united interest in the synthesis of genres, love of opera and botany.
Opera is the essence of the human characteristics, stereotypes describing human behavior (from the mania of appropriation and discrimination to emotional complexity), based on two unique human inventions - language and music.

Anthropomorphism as a method that helps us, people, to restore and feel the connection with the subject, whatever it is. Using real-time electronic micro-impulses of plants and the latest scientific discoveries in the field of plant consciousness and communication, we are trying to translate messages and let the plants talk to us, or even sing. Installation generates text, music and visual data based on real-time data from plants.
The performers help to connect the viewer and the installation, activate the information and translate it, supplementing it with personal experience and documentary materials about the latest research. They create performative situations that challenge our understanding of the plant world, the role of bioethics, and the relationship between man and nature.

WWW plant-opera vernissage at KALT WWW plant-opera vernissage at KALT WWW plant-opera vernissage at KALT


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